Chijimisai Organic Greens

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Brassica rapa var. perviridis


Pkt (≈250 seeds)
Certified Organic
55 days. We are blown away by the taste of this green! Tender, sweet and mild it is good raw, juiced & cooked like spinach. Plants are easy to grow, productive, and, unlike spinach, have a long harvest window. Chijimisai is technically a mustard green but the flavor is so mild it reminds us of the deep-green yet mild taste of spinach. It doesn’t have the strong “Brassica” spice or bitterness seen in other mustard greens. Plants are heat and cold tolerant and, in our trial, were more resistant to flea beetles than other mustards and tatsois. Harvest individual leaves or whole plants. It is great in stir fries, sauteéd, juiced, and more - Erica likes to simmer it in stock or bone broth and then eat it like cooked spinach.

Can be grown in the spring, summer, and fall, though they grow best in cooler temperatures (60 - 75°). Start seeds inside late march and plant outside late april or direct sow seeds outdoors 5/1 - 8/30, planting seeds 4" apart, 1/4" deep. Final plant spacing should be 8" apart in rows 12" apart. Sow every 4 weeks for continuous harvest. Alternatively, start seeds inside. Keep well watered during hot weather. It can grow in part shade. Tolerant of light frosts.