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Allium cepa

Clear Dawn Onion

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105 days. For many years we grew and depended on Copra hybrid as a reliable storage onion … then we found Clear Dawn! It is the result of 36 years of breeding work by a group of Biodynamic market gardeners who dehybridized Copra to get open-pollinated Clear Dawn. Similar to Copra, it is a medium-sized yellow onion that will store up to 7 months. Like all storage onions, it is very spicy raw but becomes sweet and heavenly when browned. Perfect for winter soups or just roasted with a little oil in the oven. Long-day type is suitable for northern growing (37° latitude and north). If you haven’t grown onions before, check out the “Growing” instructions tab on our website. MH

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Growing Instructions (for USDA Zone 5b):

Your onion transplants need to get nice and big before planting outside ASAP in early spring. Start seeds inside in late January under high quality grow lights. Use a good seed starting mix (we recommend Vermont Compost’s Fort Light). Ideal temperature for germination is 70-80° (use heating mat). Days to germination: 4-13. Once leaves appear, grow plants at 70° - 75°. Fertilize weekly with fish/kelp fertilizer. Harden off plants before planting into fertile garden soil 1” deep, spaced 4” apart in rows 15” apart. Mulch with straw, keep well watered and weeded.



Harvest in late July once plants have turned brown, but while stems and skins are still intact. Dig on a dry day & cure for a week in a warm dry place with good air circulation.


Seed Saving Instructions (for gardeners):

Onions are a difficult seed saving crop because they are biennial. Minimum population size: 25. Dig & cure onions as you would for eating selecting the best for seeds. Store over onions at cool temp (35°-40°) with 65-70% humidity. Plant in mid spring spaced 4” apart in rows 28” apart. Clip seed stalks into a bucket as pods mature (late summer). Dry, thresh, and winnow to clean.


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Growing Instructions