Darkmar Organic Brussels Sprouts

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Brassica oleracea


Pkt (≈50 seeds)
Certified Organic
120 days. Darkmar is one of the best non-hybrid brussels sprout seeds out there. After years of trialing, we’ve finally found one of the best open-pollinated varieties that is productive and matures in time in the North. The sprouts are green, sweet, and firm, and harvesting is a cinch; the heads snap off easily with a bit of pressure. Darkmar is a classic Brussels sprout variety that is popular in the UK, but not widely available in the US. It was originally selected in Bedfordshire, England. Plants are 3' tall. Darkmar is nutty, sweet, and fabulous browned in the oven. Grace recommends that the sprouts be oven-roasted with a little olive oil, salt and pepper or roasted with a dash of balsamic vinegar. Perfection need not be complicated. Try Darkmar today!

Start Brussels Sprout seeds indoors 3/15 at 72-85°. Days to germination: 5-8. Transplant outside 4/15, spaced 18” apart in rows 24” apart. Protect Brussels Sprout plants from deer, groundhogs, and rabbits. Cabbage plants may be eaten by several different species of caterpillars. If they cause damage, hand remove caterpillars or spray organic BT.