Early False Sunflower Wildflower

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Heliopsis helianthoides

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Illuminate your garden with the versatile Heliopsis helianthoides, affectionately known as Early Sunflower. This radiant perennial stands tall at 4'-6' feet and bursts into a flamboyant display of large, showy yellow flowers from July through September. Thriving in full to partial sun, it gracefully adapts to a wide moisture range, accommodating anything from moist soils to dry conditions.

Embrace the spirit of the prairie with a plant that weaves a golden tapestry across varying landscapes. The Early Sunflower is a hardy traveler, found gleaming along rises and valleys alike, bringing life and color wherever it roams.

Plant in full sun to light shade. 

Short-lived perennials.

Seeds require a 30 day “cold stratification” or cold treatment before they will germinate. To start seeds inside, mix the seeds into ½ cup of moist sand (or paper towel) and place in a sealed plastic bag and place in the refrigerator for 30 days before planting. Then start seeds inside 4/1-6/1, 1/8" deep. Days to germination: 14-28. Transplant outside May-July 18" apart.
Alternatively, sow seeds outside in late summer, fall or early spring (before March 1st) so they are naturally exposed to the cold. Prepare area by removing weeds and loosen soil surface with a rake. Hand broadcast (sow) seeds evenly over area. Water seeds with a light sprinkle after sowing. From seed, these plants can take 1-3 years to become established and large enough to flower. We recommend sowing several species of native plants together such as “Save the Bees” or “Good Bug Blend.”

Plant in full or light shade location.