Good King Henry

Chenopodium bonus-henricus


45 seeds
OUT-OF-STOCK FOR 2022. Good King Henry is a perennial vegetable, indispensable to an edible landscape, permaculture or edible forest garden. Good King Henry is low maintenance and easy to grow once established. Plants will grow in partial shade as well as full sun. Plant reaches a maximum height of 2½ feet. From seed, plants will need to grow for a year before being big enough to harvest. Leaves are harvested throughout the summer and cooked as an edible green. New spring shoots can be harvested and cooked like asparagus. Flowering stalks are eaten like broccoli. Good King Henry is part of the Chenopod family, so all plant parts are high in oxalic-acid. So, please enjoy this plant in moderation. Limited quantities available. Limit one packet per person. NN

Good King Henry is a perennial plant zone 3 - 9. Start seeds inside 4 - 6 weeks before last frost (around April 1st) at 75°. Plant seeds on top of moist seed starting mix, cover with a dome and expose to 8 hours of fluorescent light per day. Keep seeds moist with a handheld sprayer (open dome 1x per day for 30 minutes to air out). Once seeds germinate, remove dome and grow at 72°. Alternatively, sow seeds outdoors May 20th - June 15th and keep moist. Days to germination: 14 - 21. Transplant outside around June 1st. Be sure to water plants at least 1x per week. Wait one year to harvest plant.