Hori-Hori Japanese Weeding Knife

Nature & Nurture Seeds



This Japanese tool is top-notch quality and has been our favorite hand weeding tool for more than 20 years. It is an all-purpose tool for digging, transplanting and weeding. The strong carbon-steel blade is nearly non-bendable and perfect for removing stubborn weeds like dandelions in clay soil. Though durable, it is light enough for any weeding job. Unlike stainless steel versions of this tool, which are weaker and sharper, this blade will not break off or slice fingers. One side of the blade is serrated (but not sharp) which can be used to cut small roots. The handle is wooden and ergonomic. Japan has had a long history of exceptional tool design and high-quality tool making, a tradition that is still alive today. Well cared for, this Hori-Hori will last a lifetime. Made in Japan.

Tool Care

Well care for tools will last a lifetime! After use scrape soil off your Hori-Hori with a metal brush and store the Hori-Hori in a dry location. Oil the wooden handle before first use and then at least once per year to protect it and to prevent cracking. We recommend Safecoat's Clear Penetrating Oil or Bioshield's Penetrating Sealer. Follow the directions on the label.

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