January King Organic Cabbage

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Brassica oleracea

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Pkt (≈30 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/20 oz (≈350 seeds)
Certified Organic

January King Cabbage is renowned for its extreme cold hardiness and beauty, boasting vibrant purple plants and light green, savoyed (wavy leaved) heads with distinctive outer leaves of violet.

Can be grown early spring all the way through late fall but it particularly shines during cold weather when most cabbage heads would suffer frost damage. Start inside in January for early summer harvest or June for late fall harvest.  Known to be hardy to 5°, heads are 3-5 lbs. 

90 days to maturity

Start cabbage seeds indoors 4/1 at 72-85° (can use a heating mat). Days to germination: 5-8. Transplant outside 5/1, 18” apart. Or, sow cabbage seeds directly outside anytime 5/1 – 7/15. If sowing seeds outside, plant 3-4 seeds together in a group ¼ ” deep, spaced 18” between groups. Keep seeds evenly moist until germination. Thin to the strongest plant in each group. Protect cabbage plants from deer, groundhogs, and rabbits. Cabbage plants may be eaten by several different species of caterpillars. If they cause damage, hand remove caterpillars or spray organic BT.