Japanese Hand Hoe

Nature & Nurture Seeds


This lightweight hand-held hoe is our favorite tool for weeding in between plants and is especially good for raised beds and small spaces. The blade is very sharp and cuts small to medium sized weeds at their roots. The angle of the blade makes the tool ergonomic and easy to use with little effort. Made in Japan where there is a traditional appreciation for high quality tools, the blade is hard, carbon steel and stays sharper longer than most. Once dull, the blade is easily sharpened with a file or sharpening stone. Hardwood handle is 2 inches longer than the common versions on the market allowing for a longer reach. We apologize to lefties, this blade is designed for right-handed people - if we get enough requests for the lefty we will add it to our catalog. Blade is very sharp so it's not for use around young children. 5" blade, 13" overall length

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