Joker Organic Lettuce

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Lactuca sativa


Pkt(≈300 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/10 oz (≈2000 seeds)
Certified Organic
50-60 days. Joker has a distinctly sweet, buttery flavor, yet every part of this lettuce retains a crispy, crunch. Even the green leafy parts are crunchy! It's a crisp-leaf type of lettuce with a loose head. Leaves are bright green with bursts of stunning red splashes. Bred in 2011 by farmer, plant breeder, and seed activist Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed, Joker has become our favorite head lettuce! Frank has really out-done himself with this one. Grow in spring, summer or fall. Joker is downy mildew resistant and very cold hardy. As baby lettuce, it survived the polar vortex of 2014 in our unheated hoophouse. OSSI (Open Source Seed Initiative) Pledged Variety.

Lettuce prefers cooler weather and will bolt (flower) earlier in hot weather. For early head lettuce, start seeds indoors March 1st at 68° (cover flat with a dome and expose seeds to light). Sow lettuce seeds outside anytime between March 27th – June 30th. Lettuce seeds germinate when the soil temperature ranges from 35-80° (68° optimum). Lettuce seeds need light to germinate - plant seeds on the surface of the soil and pat gently with a hand. Keep seeds constantly moist until germination (laying row cover fabric on top of the seeds will help keep them cool and moist). Days to germination: 2-14 days. Space 10” apart for head lettuce. Joker lettuce is very cold hardy and can be grown into the fall. Sow it around Aug. 15th during a cool spell (lettuce seeds will not germinate if soil temperatures are over 80°) - try covering seeds with row cover fabric to keep them cool and moist. Broadcast sow seeds for baby leaf lettuce.