Luck Dragon Organic Baby Bok Choy

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Brassica rapa


Pkt(≈250 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 3g (≈1800 seeds)
Certified Organic
40 days. Versatile, fast growing baby Bok Choy with a mildly sweet, mustardy flavor. Bok Choi (also called Pak Choi) is a popular Asian vegetable that has green leaves at the end of spoon-shaped, white crunchy stems – it is ubiquitous in stir fries found in Chinese restaurants in the U.S. Luck Dragon is a “baby” bok choy which means that leaves are smaller and stems are shorter than full size Bok Choy making it more tender. When small, it is edible and delicious raw. As it matures, plants are perfect for stir fries – braise it just enough to cook it while maintaining a nice crunch.

Luck Dragon is an ongoing dehybridization project bred by our friends at Adaptive Seeds in Oregon. Clint Freund and Cass McKinnon (of Cultivating the Commons in the upper Midwest) obtained 3rd generation seeds from Adaptive Seeds and have been growing and adapting it to the upper Midwest. Expect variations in the plants as this is not yet a stabilized variety - plant form ranges from loose to compact heads. Adaptive Seeds says, "This is proof that you can successfully save seed on some hybrids, stealing them back from corporations."

Plants can bolt quickly if spring planted, so it is often planted in late summer for a fall crop – it is somewhat cold hardy. Even after bolting, we continued to eat the flowering stems and found them to be a pleasing texture with a satisfying bitter-sweet flavor after cooking. Bok Choy can be preserved by fermentation or blanching and freezing. Luck Dragon is released as part of the Open Source Seed Initiative.

Bok choy can be grown in the spring, summer, and fall, though they grow best in cooler temperatures (60 - 75°) which makes them ideal for fall planting (8/30). Direct sow seeds outdoors 4/15 - 8/30. Sow seeds 1" apart, 1/4" deep, in rows spaced 8-12" apart. Thin to 1 plant every 4-6". Sow every 2-3 weeks for continuous harvest. Alternatively, start seeds inside. Keep well watered during hot weather. It can grow in part shade. Tolerant of light frosts.