Mizuna Organic Mustard Greens

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Brassica rapa var. niposinica

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Pkt(≈275 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 1/2 oz (≈ 7600 seeds)
Certified Organic
25 days for baby greens, 40 days mature. We have been growing this Japanese mustard green since 1999 because we love it so much for its fast growth and versatility. It is a well known and easy to grow for baby greens. Grow it whenever: spring, summer, fall or winter. Cold hardy to about 15 °F inside a hoophouse (cover it when temps dip below 15 °F). Unlike most fall crops, Mizuna grows so fast that it can be planted as late as September for a fall harvest. Baby greens can be grown as cut-and-come-again. Mature leaves grow to 10 inches. Use as an edible ground cover and re-seeding annual (it will not become "weedy"). Cook as you would any green. Frilly leaves add loft and a delicate spice to baby green salads. Spiciness of mature leaves mellows with cooking. Flavor is mildest in cool weather.

Mizuna is a cool-weather-loving crop and is very cold hardy. Direct sow seeds outdoors anytime March 27th - Sept. 1st. Sow seeds ¼” deep. Days to germination: 4 - 8. For baby greens, broadcast sow seeds 60 seeds per sq. ft., or sow seeds 1” apart in rows 3” apart. For mature plants, sow in rows 12” apart. Sow monthly for a constant supply. Unlike other greens, Mizuna grows fast so you can sow it as late as Sept. 1st in a coldframe/low tunnel for fall production or in a hoophouse Oct. 1st for winter production. Cover hoophouse mizuna when temperatures go below 15°. Mizuna is resistant to downy mildew. Cover plants with row cover fabric to protect from flea beetles if necessary.