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Petroselinum crispum

Moss Curled Parsley

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70-85 days. This is standard curly parsley. Fast-growing, high-yielding and can be squeezed into any garden. Cold hardy. Harvest it into the fall when other crops are done. Grows to 10” tall. Usually grown as an annual, parsley is actually a biennial. This means that in its first year it will produce foliage—and if it survives the winter with protection—it will flower in its second year, providing food for a diverse number of beneficial insects. Though it is often used as an herb or garnish, parsley’s mild taste lends it to be used as a green vegetable. Common in Middle Eastern cuisine, we love adding it to quinoa tabbouli. Also great for soups, salads, or any dish that could use a little kick of fresh greens. MH

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Growing Instructions(for USDA zone 5b):

Sow in 1” cells early spring. Seeds are very slow to germinate and will emerge in 3 weeks. Transplant in early May. Or direct seed in early spring.

Harvest: Cut individual leaves off the plant, starting with the bottom leaves. Remove no more than 25% of the plant at a time to keep it growing. Leaves harvested in the cooler morning or evening will have longer shelf life.

Seed Saving Instructions (for gardeners): Parsley is a biennial, and is primarily insect pollinated. Parsley needs exposure to temperatures below <50°F for up to 10 weeks to promote flowering in the second year, but parsley will need some protection to survive if temperatures drop below 10°F. Plants can be uprooted, trimmed, and stored for the winter before being replanted in the spring, or parsley plants in containers can be trimmed and stored in a root cellar or unheated, sheltered area. Save seed from at least 5 plants, ideally 20 or more. Very long isolation distance, up to 2 miles, so insect cages can be used for isolation. Harvest seeds from individual flower heads (umbels) as they mature, or harvest all mature seeds when 2/3 of umbels have turned brown. Short viability seed, store for up to 2 years.

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Growing Instructions