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Tagetes erecta

Orange Marigold

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85 days. Orange pops of flowery goodness bring lasting beauty to any garden. Frilly, aromatic blossoms that burst from robust plants attract beneficial creatures and naturally deter pests. The brightly colored, showy flowers make eye-catching and nose-catching bouquets.  Mexicans and Mexican-Americans often place orange marigolds on traditional alters called “ofrendas” to honor late family members during Day of the Dead ceremonies. Grow marigold in containers, garden borders, or any sunny spot you want to beautify. Plants grow to about 16” tall and 10” wide with flowers lasting until first frost. (aka Dark Orange) JDB

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Growing Instructions (for USDA Zone 5b):

Marigolds will flower all summer until the first heavy frost. Can be started indoors 3/25-4/21 or sown directly outdoors after frost (5/20-7/20). Plant seeds ¼” deep, with final spacing 8” apart. 5-10 days until germination at 75°F. Deadheading (removing spent flowers) will encourage new flowers to grow.


For cut flowers, harvest young (newly opened) flowers with tight centers and place in water, out of the sun immediately.

Seed Saving Instructions for gardeners:

When flower petals are dry and the base of flower begins to change from green to brown, cut flowers off. Spread to dry until seed heads are very dry and brown.. Remove seeds from seedhead, and let dry for a few more days before storing. Isolation distance: ¼ mile.

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Growing Instructions