Ruby Parfait Celosia

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Celosia argentea spicata

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Pkt(≈40 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: (≈225 seeds)

Ruby Parfait features long-lasting, arrow-shaped spikes of vivid pink & fuscia flowers that are ideal for bouquets. With a long vase life and versatile color palette, Ruby Parfait is an essential addition to any cut flower garden. These 2-3' plants serve as a productive bouquet filler or accent flower, with dark rose, arrow-shaped plumes and 2–3" textural flower spikes. They can stand alone in a bouquet, be used as filler, or make a grand statement in the flower garden. 

90 days to maturity.



Start seeds indoors 4/1-4/30 at 70-80° (we recommend using a heating mat). Water soil before sowing seeds. Seeds need light to germinate - sow seeds on soil surface and expose them to indirect light (either artificial light or sunlight). Keep seeds moist until germination by watering them with a mist (a handheld sprayer works well for this). Cover seed flat with a dome to keep moisture in (but you should air it out 1x per day for 20 minutes to prevent fungal growth). Days to germination: 8-14. Transplant outside after last frost 5/20-6/15, spaced 9-12" apart.