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Zinnia elegans

Scarlet Flame Zinnia

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60 days. Magnificent and easy to grow from seed, this popping red dahlia-like flower is remarkable in the garden and bouquets. Erica loves this large, scarlet red flower on a long stem perfect for cut flowers. Zinnias are adored for their easy, fast growth, plus their ability to produce abundant showy blooms from mid-summer through the first frost. Plants are 3-4’ tall but don’t need staking. Deadheading regularly will encourage more blooms. Scarlet Flame can be found in seed catalogs dating back to the 1930’s, and its large flowers (4” across) have become a mainstay in American flower gardens. WGS

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Growing Instructions (for USDA Zone 5b):

Zinnias can be direct seeded or transplanted. If transplanting, sow seeds in containers ¼” deep in late April, and transplant outside after 5/21 with 9-12” spacing. Alternatively, direct sow outside after 5/21, ¼” deep, about 2” apart. After first true leaves appear, thin plants to 9-12” spacing.


For best cut flowers, harvest before flowers are completely open. Deadheading will increase number of blooms.

 Seed Saving Instructions for gardeners:

Wait for seed head to dry completely on the plant, it will be brown. Harvest seed heads into paper bag, dry further inside, then rub to release seeds.

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Growing Instructions