Seychelles Organic Pole Bean

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Phaseolus vulgaris


Pkt(≈50 seeds)
VALUE SIZE: 2 oz (≈ 125 seeds)
Certified Organic
60 days. Seychelles is our new go-to green pole bean for its remarkable dependability, productivity, and flavor. Climbing plants are loaded with heavy clusters of uniform, straight, and stringless snap beans ranging from 5-6” long. Seychelles was distinguished as an All American Selection in 2017, and we agree that it is all around tough to beat. One of our favorite traits of this bean is that the pods stay tender and delicious on the plant for a longer period that other bean varieties, so we can harvest less frequently without sacrificing quality. With its early production that extends late into the fall, Seychelles is an excellent choice for growers that want to maximize their planting efficiency. Young plants benefit from a little help finding the trellis which can easily accomplished by gently tying the plants to the supports.  Intermediate resistance to common bean mosaic virus.

Pole bean vines are vigorous and need something to climb on (trellis, tepee, corn, fruit trees). Sow seeds outside 5/15-6/7 (after soil temp has reached at least 60 °). Sow seeds 1” deep, 3” apart. Protect seedlings from slugs/snails (use caffeinated coffee grounds or organic phosphate based slug bait). Days to germination: 6-16. Protect plants from groundhogs & deer. Plant pole beans on the north side of sun loving plants otherwise bean vines may shade them. Pole beans will keep producing beans until frost if kept picked. Beans perform best if the seeds are inoculated with Bean Inoculant at planting time.