Sierra Organic Lettuce

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Lactuca sativa


Pkt(≈340 seeds)
Certified Organic
55-60 days. Our new favorite summer lettuce! Bolt-resistant Batavian/crispleaf type forming large, semi-open heads of green crunchy leaves tinged with red. We love Sierra for its ability to produce a ton of high-quality lettuce even in the hottest months of the summer. Crispleaf varieties are closely related to iceberg lettuces, and this variety maintains a crispy-crunchy texture and pleasant flavor even after temperatures rise in the summer and plants start bolting. Batavian lettuces originated in the Batavia region in present day Netherlands, though in the past few decades, they have become popular in the major lettuce growing regions of North America. The name Sierra refers to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, where many farmers grow Batavian type lettuces. We find it to be an excellent choice for succession planting spring, summer and fall.

In general, lettuce prefers cool weather and will bolt (flower) earlier in hot weather – this lettuce is more heat tolerant. For early head lettuce, start seeds indoors 3/1 at 68° (cover flat with a dome and expose seeds to light). Sow lettuce seeds outside anytime between 3/27 – 6/30. You can try to sow lettuce seeds 7/1-8/1 but lettuce seeds will not germinate when the soil temperature is over 80° - try covering seeds with row cover fabric to keep them cool and moist. Lettuce seeds need light to germinate - plant seeds on the surface of the soil and pat gently with a hand. Keep seeds constantly moist until germination. Days to germination: 2-14 days. Space head lettuce 12” apart.