Soltera Morado Sweet Corn

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Zea mays


Pkt (40 seeds)
70 days. This corn is a show stopper! Gorgeous purple sweet corn high in anthocyanins. It even turns the cooking water purple. Sweeter than your average heirloom sweet corn, but not as sweet as hybrid corn. Compact plants are good for smaller gardens. Munk Bergin has been breeding corn for over 30 years, and this is the result of his amazing work. Let kernels dry on the cob and you can make purple corn meal. Plants have good vigor and are early. Plant is beautiful too – tassels and silks are purple – we have never seen anything like it! As this is a breeding work still in progress, there is natural variability in color in the ears.

Corn needs fertile soil with a lot of compost/manure. Corn is wind pollinated so you should grow at least 16 corn plants (plant in a block – not in a row) so that enough pollen from the tassels will land on the silks to pollinate all of the kernels to produce full ears of corn. Not enough space for 16 plants? You can hand pollinate your corn (look online for instructions). Plant corn seeds after the soil has warmed to at least 65F (5/20-6/15). Plant seeds 6” apart in rows 36” apart (thin plants to 12” apart). Plant at least 4 rows of 4 plants in a block. Days to germination: 3-12. This variety of corn has short plants so don’t grow pole beans on it or the beans may take over the corn.