Sugar Magnolia Organic Peas

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Pisum sativum


Pkt(≈30 seeds)
Certified Organic

Stunning midnight-purple snap pea. After 15 years of breeding work, seed elder and activist Dr. Alan Kapular, of Peace Seeds, created the first ever purple podded snap pea and named it after a Grateful Dead song. Pods are crisp and sweet but not quite as sweet as Sugar Snap. Six foot tall vines are vigorous climbers. Perfect for kids and adults alike! Peas are most tender best if picked before filling out fully. Expect a few green-podded plants.

70 days to maturity

Peas are cool weather crops so they should be grown in spring & fall. Sugar magnolia plants are vining and need a trellis or other support. Peas are normally sown outdoors once the soil temp is at least 40° (around 3/27). Plant along a trellis. Sow seeds in a band 3” wide (3 rows that are 1½ inches apart), with seeds planted 1½” apart and 1” deep. This creates a denser planting than a single row planting and will produce more peas per square foot. Pea seeds germinate very slowly or may rot in overly cold & wet soils. Days to germination: 6-21. Seeds can be started indoors in biodegradable pots at 75° (around 3/1) & transplanted outdoors pot-and-all around 3/27. Plants will finish early (June) so u can sow pole beans below the peas 5/20 or fill space w/ basil or beets. For fall harvest, sow peas 7/15 – 8/1. Peas grow best if seeds are inoculated with a pea inoculant at planting.