Tokinashi Daikon Radish

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Raphanus sativus


Pkt(≈ 180 seeds)

Classic large, white daikon radish. Enjoy the delicious taste of this large, white, crisp-fleshed heirloom variety. Daikon radish is a versatile traditional Japanese vegetable that adds a nice crunch to salads and as salt-fermented radish pickles. Add them to kimchi. Cooked, daikon adds a pop of flavor and meaty texture to soups, stir fries, and stews. Tokinashi Daikon Radish is a must-try ingredient for both experienced chefs and home cooks looking for a flavorful addition to their dishes.

Plant anytime spring - fall. We love them in the fall when flavor is mild and then we grate it onto salad and also salt pickle it for the winter or add it to kimchi. Roots can reach enormous size - 10-14" in length and 2" in diameter, tapering uniformly to a sharp tip. Slow to bolt.

60 days to maturity.

These radishes can be sown anytime spring through mid summer however, radishes prefer cool weather, so they will be milder if planted in summer for fall harvest.

Direct sow seeds outdoors 4/1 – 8/1. Plant seeds ½” deep, 2" apart in rows spaced 18” apart. Thin plants to 4-6” apart. Days to germination: 3 - 6 (longer in cool soil). Keep seeds and plants consistently moist. Use crop rotation to avoid diseases (all brassicas). If necessary, cover with row cover fabric to protect against flea beetles and cabbage root maggots.

For large, straight roots plant in loose soil such as sandy loam or raised beds.