Wild Blanket Flower

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Gaillardia aristata


Pkt (≈165 seeds)
One of Erica’s longtime favorites, Wild Blanket Flower is bright, whimsical, and adds bursts of bright color to gardens. This perennial is native to prairies west of the Rocky Mountains and grows in poor, dry soils. Blooms all summer from July – September, supporting many pollinators. Plants are 2-3’ tall, are somewhat short lived but will re-seed. Plants germinate and establish quickly so try it with our native plant “Save the Bees” or “Good Bug Blend” – it will fill in space while the larger native plants are taking their sweet time.

Start seeds indoors 4/7. Seeds need light to germinate so press them gently into the top of the soil. Germinate at 72°. Keep seeds lightly moist but not too wet. Days to germination: 5-10. Alternatively, directly sow seeds outside after risk of frost (after 5/21), ¼” deep, 6-9” apart. Thin plants to final spacing about 15” apart.