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Beans are super easy to grow and a foundation crop for many gardens. Our heirloom beans offer a diversity colors, flavors, and types.

"Snap" beans have edible pods and are commonly known as "green beans" yet they come in colors ranging from green, yellow, and dark purple to speckled! Picked young and tender and prepared right, snap beans enliven any meal - some are even great raw. We love them roasted, fermented, and sauteed lightly with garlic, sesame, and soy sauce - there are so many different ways to enjoy them. If you don't think that you like green beans, give these recipes a try!

"Dry" beans consist of the dry seeds left on the vine to mature and dry. Dry beans are a ubiquitous source of protein and heartly staple in many cuisines.    

"Bush" type beans are compact plants, easily fit into small spaces. "Pole" beans will climb allowing you to take advantage of vertical space - provide them with a trellis or even corn stalks to climb on.

All of our seeds are sustainable and organic.