Wild Spring Organic Garlic

Nature & Nurture Seeds

Allium sativum


1 lb
Certified Organic

Experience the joys of growing your own Wild Spring Garlic! Super easy to grow, these mini-bulbs are planted in a patch or grid in the fall and will produce food for years to come. Their greens emerge as a carpet of delicious green garlicky treat super early in the spring long before the veg garden is waking up. Harvest the greens, stems, or bulbs from early spring through June. Ideal for containers and edible forest gardens. Perfect for foragers.

Wild Garlic can be grown in difficult growing areas such as in partial shade, under walnut trees and where deer browse. Use freshly harvested Wild Spring Garlic to season your dishes with a scrumptious, fragrant flavor your taste buds will love! 

This garlic will only produce mini buls/cloves - not normal,  large sized bulbs/cloves.

Specs: This is a mix of miniature bulbs & cloves of our best hardneck varieties.

Due to shipping restrictions, garlic cannot be shipped to the following states & regions: AK, CA, CO, GA, ID, KS, MT, NV, OR, WA, HI, Armed Forces, non-continental states & territories, Canada, & International.

Garlic is excluded from free shipping over $50 offer.

Wild Spring Garlic can be grown in gardens & containers as a delectable spring treat or it can be grown as a perennial patch. It can be planted in difficult growing areas such as in partial shade, under walnut trees, and edible forest gardens as long as the site is not overly wet.
Plant in fall (Oct/Nov). Plant cloves 2-3" deep in a patch or grid, 1" apart. Keep bulbs intact until you are ready to plant them, then break up into individual cloves leaving cloves on. Covering the soil with a light layer of mulch (straw, oak leaves) helps suppress weeds, retain moisture, and fertilizes the soil. Do not remove the mulch in the spring. Cut or remove the weeds a few times in the spring and summer, as garlic does not compete well against weeds.