Organic Growing Guides

Grow the Organic Garden of Your Dreams!

From planning, planting and harvesting to cooking & food preservation, we've got you covered with resources to help you plan the organic garden of your dreams!

Especially popular guides include our Planting Calendar, Seed Planting Dates, Seed Planting Guide, and Starting Seeds Indoors.

In addition, you can find specific growing instructions for each seed in the "Growing" tab for each seed variety.

Garden Planning

Timing Is Everything

Plan your garden with our planting calendar!

Organic Seed Starting Guides

Learn more about vegetable planting dates for zones 5 and 6.
Kearn more with our vegetable seed planting guide.
The complete guide to starting seeds indoors.
Our complete guide to starting hot and mild pepper seeds indoors.
Everything that you wanted to know about starting tomato seeds indoors.
The complete guide to Fall planting dates for zone 5.
Seed Starting 101

Seed Starting 101

Everything You Need to Know

Organic Growing Tips

Learn more about the requirements for growing happy and healthy vegetagbles in the garden.
Tips for successful transplanting of vegetable crops.
Get you garden started early with this guide for spring hoophouse growing.

Garden Solutions

Edibles for Shade, Growing in Containers & Small Spaces and More!

Learn more about shade tollerant crops here.
You complete guide for growing vegetables in containers, or container gardening.
Begin growing vegetables the right way with this helpful guide for beginner gardeners.
Get you garden started early with this guide for spring hoophouse growing.

Organic Growing Guides

From Beans to Watermelon, we've got you covered!

Learn morer about growing and using beans in the garden.
Build healthy soil with this guide to planting fall/winter cover crops.
Grow and use corn with this helpful guide.
Growing and using cucumbers is easy with this helpful guide.
Grow your own garlic with this easy to follow guide.
Growing and using herbs is easy with our complete guide.
Grow melons and watermelons the easy way with our complete guide.
Your guide to growing onions, leeks, scallions and chives the easy way.
Here is the complete guide to growing and using root vegetables.
Grow and use squash with this useful guide.
Grow and use tomatoes with this easy to follow guide.

Kitchen Resources

Our guide to everything you wanted to know about live fermentation.

Heirloom Seed Saving & Seed Storage

Winnowing seed the right way with this easy to follow guide.
Save your own seed for future use with this easy to use guide.
If you ever wanted to save tomato seed, this guide is for you.
Store your seed the right way with this important guide on seed saving.

Seed Selecting

We'll help you pick the best seeds for you!

Here are some of the most important considerations for selecting seeds.