All Certified Organic Seeds

All of our seeds are sustainably grown, untreated, and Non-GMO. All of the seeds on this page are also Certified Organic.

Unlike most seed companies we grow over 50% of the seeds in our catalog on our farm near Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our farm became certified organic in 2017. All of the seeds that we grew prior to 2017 were grown with organic methods but are not certified organic. We store these seeds under optimal conditions. We continue to germination test and offer these seeds in our catalog until we can grow new, certified organic seeds. 

We also source seeds that are offered in our catalog from a network of independent seed growers and companies whose names are listed at the end of each seed's variety description. Most of these seeds are certified organic. A few of our growers are very small farms who cannot afford the extra expense of organic certification. We continue to support their hard work by offering their seeds.

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