Space Savers

Space Savers/Container Garden Plants

Don't have much space in your garden? Or grow in containers? No problem! These are the perfect plants for the space constrained gardener!

These plants are compact and grow well and are productive in small gardening spaces.

  • Beans are "pole" type which means that they climb - plant them in a large pot (at least 3 gallon size) and provide a large trellis (min 5' tall) for them to climb on 
  • Greens: Chard, Collards & Kale will produce greens all season long while arugula and lettuce will 'bolt' (start to flower) making them inedible and you will want to replant or replace them
  • Tomatoes are dwarf, bushy plants that need a sturdy stake but no pruning
  • Squash/zucchini seeds included are "bush" plants that are more compact than long-vining types - plant them into large containers (at least 5 gallon size)
  • Spinach - you can grow spinach in a pot and we have included it here on our list for spinach lovers, however, it grows slowly and bolts quickly so it does not produce a lot of food per square foot. Consider planting chard, kale, collards or chijimisai for more productive greens.

Also, remember to use your vertical space by planting climbing plants such as pole beans, peas, and cucumbers – be sure to provide them with a trellis or something else to climb.